Holiday Parties are upon us!

158745401One of the best things about the Holidays is the number of Holiday Parties that are on the horizon. It is a great way for anyone to meet new friends. Sometimes it is easy to get into a social rut, as we hang out with the same circle of friends and our busy lives don’t allow for more activities.  At one time I tended to avoid these events, but now I look forward to them.  We are, as human beings, social beings.  Meeting new, interesting people keeps us humming.

I recently had a reminder of how energizing it is to meet new people with whom you connect. One was a friend who was in from Florida, and who left Chicago a long time ago. It was fun to catch up and since he and I knew some of the same people, it was like having a new friend and an old friend all rolled into one.

The other “new” person is someone I “met” via email over two years ago, and is more in my old world. We had a fun conversation, and it left me thinking about the importance of meeting new friends who share your same interests, yet are different enough so that you both learn something by being in each others orb.

I mention this because of the Holidays and their great opportunities for bringing new friends into your life, which serve to make for a greater world perspective, awareness, and shared consciousness, if you choose your friends wisely.